By definition, grief is deep sorrow especially caused by someone’s death
To me, grief is love at its strongest and pain at its weakest
It’s every emotion you can think of, felt for the rest of your days on this earth
It hurts and it hurts
But remember, it could be worse
You ask how this is when you feel such remorse
Well, you could look back and not feel grateful about one memory
They say when you grieve so much for someone, it means you had true happiness in your life
So grief is bittersweet
And nothing I say will make it all okay
I know it’s easier to wallow in the pain than keep it small and contained
I know sometimes it’s easier to destroy ourselves than it is to heal ourselves
But when you start to feel the guilt
And when your world starts to tilt
As hard as it may be, think of a good memory
It may make you cry, it may make you ask why, it may make that heaviness on your chest feel heavier
But remember to breathe and remember to smile
Your loved one watches you from above,
Feeling your pain and your unconditional love
But we owe it to them to not always be so sad
We owe it to them to look back on positive memories we had
But every so often, subside the tears and once in awhile, look up, and give them a smile

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