Chapter Support and Donations

The chapters do have fixed expenses so donations are always accepted. TCF is a 5013c organization and any donations are tax deductible.

To give to United Way for The Compassionate Friends, either personally or through work-related fund raising, use the following instructions:

Thank you for contacting Valley of the Sun United Way (VSUW).  VSUW prefers to receive contributions that are unrestricted to support our work.  VSUW develops and supports hundreds of health and human service programs, focusing on three key objective:  ensuring children and youth succeed, increasing the financial stability of individuals and families, and ending hunger and homelessness.  Therefore, by supporting United Way, your donation is having the greatest impact in our community.

As a courtesy, VSUW honors designations outside of the VSUW scope through the Donor Involvement Program provided the designated agency is a registered 501c3 non profit tax deductible organization and that it provides a direct ‘health and human’ service.

The local Compassionate Friends does qualify.  If you are contributing through your workplace campaign, you may simply “write in” the name, address and/or phone number of the organization you wish on your pledge card and when we receive it our staff will  direct it to Compassionate Friends.

If you are contributing through our online giving website you do not have the option to designate online.  But if you simply send an email after you complete your donation and request your online donation be directed to a specific agency VSUW will honor your request.

If you have any other questions you may contact me directly at the phone number below.


  • Socorro “Socci” Petty
  • Vice President, Donor Services
  • Finance and Administration
  • 1515 East Osborn Road
  • Phoenix, AZ 85014.5386
  • 602.631.4805    office
  • 602.703.7854    mobile